We help you get your message across to your target audience.

For specialist audiences

Technical documents written by expert authors (such as academics) are our forte. We make sure that technical terms are used precisely and that explanations are provided in text, footnotes or supplementary material as needed. We are able to identify and fix contradictions, ambiguity and factual errors. Text is made easier to read and to understand.

For general audiences

It can be hard to make content written by expert authors readable by non-specialists. We can also help you with this task, ensuring that technical jargon is kept to a minimum and that text is clear and easy to follow.

We can advise on the structure and layout of documents and on supplementary material such as tables, boxes, graphics and images. We also help enhance the way in which content that has been written by different authors comes together, making sure that text flows smoothly and that the language used is harmonious.

Of course we also make sure documents are consistent, grammatically correct and meet your house style.

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